About The Recycled Horse Blanket Company

Thank you for visiting The Recycled Horse Blanket Company! My name is Patt Ward, and I'm the founder and designer behind TRHBC. I have loved horses all my life and have been fortunate to have ridden with some of the best hunter/jumper trainers in Canada. I currently have 2 “lawn ornaments” on my farm here in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada. My home has always been adorned with equestrian furnishings. The Recycled Horse Blanket Company started as an obsession I have with horse blankets, specifically Baker Blankets and evolved into equestrian decoupage for the home, barn or tackroom.

Each item is unique and their imperfections from a prior life make each item more interesting and endearing. These creations are truly one of a kind. This certainly makes inventory control easy as once it’s gone it’s gone! I do encourage you to view the “Sold” tab on my website and if you see something you would loved to have purchased - just drop me a line and maybe I can suggest  one of my untouched boxes with the same image that you might love. 

Please be aware my creations are not perfect - each item was found at an estate sale, online auction or a thrift store. All items are sold “ as is”. These are items that were previously loved and used by others and now they are getting another life to be enjoyed by you with an equestrian flare.  
Most of my creations are wood or metal as those materials seem to  withstand the test of time. I love the hunt for the boxes, clocks, lamps, coasters, chairs and trays. Often I know what image should adorn an item before I even get it home. I have 100’s of these untouched items in my inventory that I have collected over the years. This allows me to do my custom work which usually involves a client’s pet, loved one or one of their favourite photo memories. I seem to always have the perfect box to fit the request. If you have a request just let me know.

Many of my decoupaged images come from the great master equestrian artists like J F Herring, J E Ferneley, Alfred Munnings and George Stubbs.

Thanks for your interest in my creations and for visiting my website.  If you like you can follow The Recycled Horse Blanket Company on Facebook and Instagram.